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Papa was a rolling stone

Words by Andy Roberts

When I said I'd write this week's blog, I had an idea. It was going to be about Josh Stones as the secret lovechild of James Norwood. The aggressive bullying of defenders, the movement, the confidence when shooting. It's easy to imagine Stones learning other aspects of the game from the old fella - things like moistening his finger before sticking it up a teammate's bum and scoring loads of goals despite looking like he'd slept in a dustbin. The only challenge for me was to avoid a battering from James, Josh, Josh's dad, or for that matter Mrs Norwood.

We've most likely seen the last of Stones but at least he went out in style, first by combining with Dad to demolish Hartlepool away. If notorious car thief Phil Foden had done Norwood's flicked pass, Sky would still be wanking on about it. Then we signed off with a cracker at home. Timing, skill, movement and composure sums up my turn at the top of the steps on a pie run to just catch it.

I've a last word on Stones: let's remember that Ethan Walker is neither a direct replacement for him, nor so far as we know is he Eyrsey's secret lovechild, so let's welcome him as himself and give him a fair go eh?

Anyhow...what a lovely pair of results to see us into the New Year. As I have said before, we are going to make the playoffs and it's for all of us to go there in the frame of mind to win them. It would be lovely to get there with a head of steam instead of hanging on to the last spot by our fingertips. After visiting New Wembley for York vs Stevenage and for England vs Chile, I vowed not to go back except for Latics. Adopting St Helens ruined that but a couple of trips later this year would be very welcome.

Finally, I noticed in the run-up to the holidays that a crazy number of Latics mates had very ill parents, and many were having their first Christmas after a bereavement. As some of you will know, my mother-in-law passed away on 30 December, by far the least important aspect of which was me leaving before Fondop's goal and celebration (what on Earth happened with him at Hartlepool???).

Here's to everyone who had a difficult festive season and let's hope the New Year is good to us all.

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