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We started life in 2020 as The Boundary Park Alert System! Podcast. Host Matt Dean was joined weekly by members of fan group Push The Boundary to discuss the woes of Oldham Athletic under the disastrous ownership of The Lemsagam Brothers. After initially appearing as a fan guest, Andy Halliwell joined the team as The Podcast became the voice of the Rebel Element. Eventually the club was put up for sale and the current owners took over. We won. 
In 2022 we launched the Latics Football Phone In. The podcast had become very much about the issues of the day i.e getting rid of the previous owners and The Phone was launched to discuss the onfield matters…which were as bad as the off-field. Despite that, the interactive discussion show hosted by Matt and “Sexy” Dave Bradley was a success and is entering its fourth season. 
If the podcast was the voice of the Rebel Element, the written word belonged to our weekly blog and its author Arlene Finnegan, who’s no-nonsense views brilliantly articulated the mood of Oldham supporters up and down the country. 

We Are Oldham is now a fan media channel dedicated to Oldham Athletic. We want as many fans as possible to contribute to our output. If you'd like to get involved send us a message here and tell us how. 

We are the people who make up the fan base. We are the ones who care deeply about our football club and the role it plays in our community. Football fans should never be seen as  outside of a club, an afterthought, a nuisance. We ARE the club.

We Are Oldham. 



Matt is co-host and producer of BPAS and LFPI, returning to Oldham in 2021 after ten years in Dublin. He started the pod in Ireland as a way to communicate what was really going on at Latics and keep himself sane over lockdown.

He is a director of OASF, a threat to the club and would love nothing more than to see it burn so he can start his own phoenix club. 


Originally from the leafy suburb of Droylsden, Andy now lives in London where he works as a private detective on behalf of BPAS. Drafted in initially as a researcher , he soon put has encyclopedic and frankly nerdy Latics knowledge and somewhat flash use of big words to better use by becoming a most excellent and reliable co-host and co-producer. 


Dave joined as co-host with Matt on the Latics Football Phone In. Despite wasting his private school education Dave does have some redeeming features, however his obsession with collecting Oldham match worn shirts isn't one of them. Amongst other things Dave is a qualified ref, a Tory and staunch flat earther but we love him anyway.


Arlene's brilliant blog always skillfully, humerously and with no holds barred,  summarises the weekly mayhem. Very little is known about her, other than she is a left wing radical most likely living on the run from authorities. On Twitter she describes herself "NHS worker. #oafc season ticket holder. Understandably angry at the world. Leftwing feminazi. She/her #jft97"

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