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Love Sex Due Diligence, comin' thru in the things you do to me

I know we’ve been saying it’s been nice to just talk about what’s happening on the pitch again, but this week, do we really have to talk about the actual football? Can we just talk about the big story off the field? No? Hmph.

Firstly, this needs saying: you can’t include Dagenham and Redbridge in the list of ‘Southern leisure centres’. We played there in League One in 2010. Won 1-0. Aidy White scored on his debut. If you’re going to include them in the same category as Dorking Wanderers and Wealdstone, then the classification becomes meaningless.

Dagenham and Redbridge were on top first half, we conceded the first decent chance they had, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. We came back into the game second half, and it was a great header from Fondop to equalise. Roy said it was no more than we deserved, and Roy is always right. Fondop posted a photo of his goal celebration with a Bible quote from Chronicles about God having power and glory and victory and majesty. Whatever works for you, Mikey. It was a pretty glorious and majestic finish.

Unsworth once again started his post-match interview by praising the fans, saying how pleased he was that “we gave them a point to go back to Oldham with”, thereby completely failing to acknowledge the efforts of OASIS to travel across London while the rail workers were on strike. Which is quite funny. He applauded Fondop, saying “you just never know what you’re gonna get with Mikey!.... He’s certainly a project.” He also reiterated that there’s nothing to fear in this league, which I hope he’s still saying before and after the Wrexham game.

Another Thursday, another big announcement, another good news story. What a way to announce that Boundary Park is back under the ownership of Oldham Athletic. What a video. What a family. What a club. What a difference a year makes.

Image © Oldham Athletic

This was probably my favourite club statement yet, possibly even more than the one confirming the takeover. The club, Boundary Park and the surrounding land are back under single ownership. They thanked Danny Gazal and Simon Blitz for their “extreme patience” and for honouring the handshake agreement made on 9th May 2022. The absolute piece de resistance, though, was how they thanked their accountants, advisors, and solicitors: “Due diligence of the highest order, we do things proper!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They know exactly what they’re doing, the absolute legends. I would die for these people.

Massive shout out to Andy Huskinson who's put this quote on a t-shirt. Get yours here.

Timehop has been reminding me this week that, this time last year, I was wondering how I’d react when we got relegated out of the League and I was worried that I’d get caught on camera crying. When it did happen, I was laughing in disbelief in the OEC at how farcical the situation was, with the last 11 minutes of the game being played out in an empty ground and security staff blocking fire exits to stop people watching the game they’d paid to see.

Then I was consumed with rage. I wanted to kick in the main entrance, occupy Mo’s office and demand that they hand the club over or smash the place up. I was desperate to get rid of the previous regime and I didn’t know how we could force them out. I felt like that for weeks, wanting to put windows in every time I walked past Boundary Park. “Please, Andy. Just one window. Just to make a point.”

On Thursday night, walking home after going out to celebrate, I very much did not want to kick the main entrance in. Because it’s our main entrance now. The floodlights that they’re working on are our floodlights. The bird feeders that hang over the Chaddy end exit gate are our bird feeders. Our Park.

We got our club back. We got our ground back. The end of the road has been reached for the Irrelevant Element. The road back to where we belong has only just started for the rest of us. Thank you, Frank, Judith, Su and Luke. Get yourself down to Boundary Park today for the housewarming party. KTMFF.


 Written by Arlene Finnigan. Image by Glen Oldham.

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