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Where's there's life there's gotta be Hope

Moses led the Israelites through the Red Sea to the Promised Land. Jesus turned water into wine. John Sheridan has taken just 5 games to get us out of the bottom 2. And he's got Hallam Hope scoring. He is the LORD.

Are these really the same players? Did Shez really only make 2 signings, neither of whom started against Bradford? Is that number 9 really the same player who looked so (yeah let's make the crap pun one more time) hopeless at the start of the season? Is the man mountain at the back really the same number 5 who looked so disinterested at Harrogate and lost it with our supporters? The change in the players, in their attitude, in their performance, in how they work together as a team, seems scarcely believable. Clearly there were at least half-decent players in there all along. Mo's recruitment has obviously been awful, but things didn't need to be as bad as they were.

Off the pitch, the atmosphere also continues to be unrecognisable. I can't tell you how happy I am to be back in the Rocky, and the mood is the best it's been in years. The Athleticos deserve so much credit for their part in this, not least because they've carried on literally banging the drum and flying the flag (and possibly chucking the odd tennis ball) through the shittest period in the club's history. And the thanks they got was being told they couldn't bring their banners in. This regime doesn't deserve them. We do, though. And if the video of Shez singing along with 'here's to you, Johnny Sheridan' at full time doesn't bring a smile to your face, then do you even like football?

The luckiest people in Oldham were the ones who bought tickets for the evening with John and Darren Sheridan at Heyside Cricket Club weeks ago, before the return of the Lord. Most managers would have pulled out of doing it, but John Joseph Sheridan is not most people. I had a ticket but couldn't go because I had to go out for my stupid mate's stupid birthday. When I showed him the video of the Sheridans walking in to a heroes' welcome, which incidentally showed my husband looking at Shez with an expression of adoration I can never hope to see, he said "oh you definitely should have gone to that instead of coming out with us". Little shit. I'm informed neither Sheridan had to buy a drink all night, which is exactly how it should be. The Lord should never have to buy a drink in the borough of Oldham again.

When he took over in January, we were bottom of the table and 7 points adrift of safety. It looked an utterly impossible task to get us out of the relegation places. It took him 5 games. If we stay up, after the horrendous state we were in at the start of the year, then I don't care if City win the league with a record points total under Guardiola. I don't care if Liverpool win a 7th European Cup under Klopp. There is only one serious contender for coach of the year. Seriously, I wouldn't rule out us making the play offs, and Shez doing a lap of honour around the pitch riding a unicorn that shits gold. After Hallam Hope scores a hat trick.

We shouldn't get too carried away. The season is far from over and we can't take anything for granted. But, given how incredibly dead and buried we were a few weeks ago, if we can't celebrate clawing our way out of the bottom two then what is the point of anything? The Shezurrection part 47 (or whatever the hell it is) is going way better so far than we could have hoped. Enjoy the ride. Give thanks to the Lord.

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