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I could talk this week about your friend and mine, Andy Burnham, spearheading a taskforce to give fans an active role in the future ownership in Oldham Athletic. I could talk about our (ahem) stellar signings. I could comment on the statement issued by the (ahemmmmm) Realistic Fans Group. But instead I’m going to talk about something positive that we’ve been looking forward to for weeks – the Fans v Legends game at Avro on Sunday.

After the season we’ve had, we can be forgiven for indulging in a bit of nostalgia and reminiscing about happier times, and it’s going to be great seeing some of our former players again. The statement from PTB about the game mentioned Wayne Andrews’ goal after 8 seconds against Wigan, but Lee Duxbury’s late winner definitely wins the Favourite Goal Against Wigan award for me. Given the dross we've watched this season, how can you not be excited about watching Eyresy again? Who doesn't want to see Fitz Hall in a Latics shirt again?

It’s good to see a women’s game kicking the day off – Mancunian Unity, coached by PTB’s Danny Taylor, are taking on Brookvale United at 12 noon. Mancunian Unity have had a fantastic season, winning the treble. The women’s game is thankfully starting to get the exposure it’s been denied for decades. You might be unaware, as quite frankly the promotion of it has been awful, but the Women’s Euros are taking place in England next month. Why not warm up for football coming home by getting behind the grassroots women's game?

The day has been organised as a fundraiser for the 1895 fund, and there’s going to be plenty to part you from your money. Have your photo taken with your favourite player! Buy a raffle ticket! Bid on an auction item! Buy one of the t-shirts that all the cool kids are gonna be wearing this summer!

Unlike Boundary Park, Avro’s got a really decent bar, so there’s an easy way to support local grassroots football. I’m told the food at Macie's is cracking as well – apparently the salt and pepper steak is famously good. I hope there’s a vegetarian option. I asked them if they did Quorn pies. They didn’t reply.

We’ve just endured the worst season in our history, and there’s little to suggest we’ll be making a triumphant return to the Football League at the first attempt. We’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us, so treat yourself to a good day out. You deserve it. Even rebel warriors are allowed to enjoy themselves now and then.

Written by Arlene Finnigan

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