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This is a call to action directed at everyone who believes that NOW is the time for ALL Oldham Athletic fans to unite behind a strong and effective Supporters Trust, one that is dedicated to following a mandate given to them by the majority of the fan base.

3,000 of you signed a petition encouraging the current owners to sell the club and Push The Boundary have encouraged fans to stay away from Boundary Park due, in part, to the high turnover of players and coaching staff, sponsors walking away, reduced attendances, poor season ticket sales and the ongoing North Stand saga. At the time of writing, both the club and Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (OASF) have failed to publicly address any of these key issues, with any degree of satisfaction.

It begs the questions: Do OASF really represent the best interests of the fans and the long term stability of Oldham Athletic? It is my conclusion that, while well meaning, the current OASF board do not speak for the majority of fans and are more concerned with not offending the board of the football club, than challenging them on behalf of it’s loyal supporters.

So, what do we do to change that?

The first thing to remember is that OASF is OUR supporters' trust. We have the power to shape a strong and effective fan-led organisation, such as the trusts at Blackpool, Portsmouth, Leyton Orient, Brentford and Stockport, all of which we have interviewed on BPAS! podcast.

The current board members and volunteers deserve credit for giving their time to run the trust, but they are not the only ones who have to, ANY ONE of us can step forward as a member, director or volunteer.

Together WE can change Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation for the better.

OASF have announced that ahead of their annual AGM this summer, they will be freezing membership to their organisation after 30th June 2021. This means that if you are passionate about re-building OASF into a strong and effective supporters trust, one that puts fans first and represents us all, then YOU need to join OASF NOW!

The only way to effect change is from the inside and that means more members with ideas and passion, whether you support the actions of PTB or not, we all expect OUR Trust to be strong enough to challenge the club and act in OUR best interests. I’m a member, the PTB lads have joined up, we don’t need to be on one side or the other, It’s time to come together.

If you would like to put yourself or someone you know forward as a director, then you or they need to be a member. If YOU would like to attend the AGM, vote for new directors and influence the decisions made by YOUR supporters’ trust, then YOU need to be a member!

Whatever feelings you had about Trust Oldham or OASF in the past, surely it’s time to look to the future and build the supporters trust that our amazing fan base and football club deserves. You have until 30th June so visit NOW, before it’s too late!

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