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Bye Bye Capman

First Scunthorpe, then Newport. The must-go glamorous away days keep coming, don't they? I copped out again. It was pretty nerve-wracking following the game on Twitter. I'd have probably have taken a draw before the game; I'd have definitely taken a draw after Bahamboula got sent off. (You had to feel sorry for him, didn't you? Peach of a pass for our second goal, at fault for their second, then sent off for an over-enthusiastic tackle. Mixed bag of a day.) And in the end, we were gutted to not hang on for an unlikely win. Especially if you had a fiver on us to win at 19/4. Sigh.

It certainly hasn't been dull since the return of the Lord. Newport away is the exactly the kind of game we'd expect to get turned over in a few weeks ago - a team who've had a good season and are looking to end a bad mini-run, a striker (Dominic Telford) who's been banging them in...... Pre-Shez, our defence would have thrown the towel in after the first goal. Instead we got stuck in after they scored, Luamba had another great game until his injury (the poor kid deserves better luck than he's had this season), Mike Fondop is looking a lot like exactly the striker we've needed all season, and we reacted brilliantly to Bahamboula getting sent off. A point that we'd have snatched your hand off for a month ago, and probably still would have been very happy with 70 minutes into the game, ended up feeling like a disappointment. It shouldn't have. All things considered, it was a great result.

I wasn't the only one who decided against making the trip to South Wales. Mo Lemsagam also sacked it off, and went to Old Trafford to watch Man United play Southampton instead. GOOD. Good for you, Mo. Go and do the fanboy tourist thing. Do the stadium tour. Buy a half and half scarf. Get a selfie with Fred the Red. Whatever keeps you as far away from the team as possible and allows Shez to do his job.

Seriously, I genuinely hope this is how he chooses to see out the remainder of his time as our 'Director' of 'Football'. I sincerely hope Abdallah is keeping to his word and talking to potential buyers, and I hope Mo has put himself on gardening leave and spends the rest of the season sightseeing, like Urko Vera did once it became clear just how awful he was. Both times. Go on, Mo. Treat yourself. You deserve it. There's loads of grounds in the North West for you to visit. You'll enjoy them far more than Boundary Park. Go to City and revel in not having to listen to songs about you being the worst director in the Football League. Go to a night game at Anfield and marvel at how well the lights work there. Hey, you haven't even been to the good Old Trafford yet! The County Championship starts soon! You'll LOVE that. Go on, mate. Enjoy yourself.

And leave Shez alone to get us out of the mess you and your brother have put us in.

Written by Arlene Finnigan. Image by Bill Rice.

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